Dust Busting: Tips for Tackling Our Least Favourite Chore

It’s true: many of us are time-poor and exhausted after work and family duties, which means that we often skimp on non-essential cleaning chores such as dusting.And yet, dust is one of the number one allergens for many people, leading to bunged up noses, sneezing and annoying headaches

If you’re pressed for time and want to target where you dust, here are a few tips for where to dust and how to do so in the most efficient way

•Professionals recommend using a dampened microfibre or e-cloth as this will pick up dust,rather than simply spreading it around, as a feather duster will
•Lamps are notorious for attracting dust. Use a lint roller or old pair of tights – cut them off at the knee, stick in your arm and voila – you have a static-free dust grabber!
•When hoovering be sure to give your skirting boards the once-over as dust can collect here very easily
•Picture frames/mirrors are both dust-collecting culprits – run a damp cloth over the top of the frame. For corners, try a toothbrush
•Blinds are notorious dust magnets. Try using a handheld vac for a quick clean, or if you’re a serious clean freak, you can always invest in a special-purpose blind cleaning brush

Is dusting or ironing your least favourite chore? #TidyUp