5 Office Cleaning Tips for Allergy Suffers

As the seasons shift, so the potential triggers for allergy sufferers changes. During the autumn, mould and ragweed spores are most likely to plague sensitive staff. So what can you do to minimize symptoms for susceptible workers at the office?

• Install coat rails/closets in reception. That way, staff won’t track in pollen etc. into working areas. Desks will often look a lot neater too without anything draped over chairs.
• Vacuum often using a mask & HEPA filter. This will ensure your vacuum picks up even the smallest of pollen grains.
• Be carpet and blind savvy. Traditional carpets can trap allergens, so avoid them where possible. Instead, invest in washable rugs or floor tiles. Also, don’t shampoo them as this can encourage mould growth. Blinds can also attract dust.
• Use air conditioning & plants to keep inside air fresh. Good indoor ventilation is essential, but you don’t want to let in airborne spores either. Invest in a HEPA-fitted air conditioner and use office plants to remove common toxins.
• Keep Kitchens, Staff Showers & Toilets mould-free. Make sure these rooms have good ventilation – install extractor fans if necessary. Ceilings and tiles should be cleaned regularly to prevent mould from forming.