No-Deal Brexit: Effects on the Cleaning Industry

As the debate rumbles on in Parliament and new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson heads back to Europe to try and open Brexit talks, many people are beginning to ask serious questions about what no-deal could mean for business.

Like British farming, the UK cleaning industry is likely to be hit hard by alterations to EU immigration laws. Currently, it employs around 700,000 people, many of whom are EU nationals. According to the BCC, around 23% of all cleaning staff are foreign-born – higher than the UK average of 17%.

With free movement of people potentially about to end on 31 October, the industry may be in for a shake-up. According to the editor of Cleaning Matters magazine,

“…with greater regulation when hiring EU workers looking likely, the cleaning industry could find itself going through some enormous changes in the years ahead. However, opinions are very much split as to whether this will bring opportunities or challenges. This is to be expected considering the divisive issue of Brexit and the vibrancy and diversity of the professional cleaning industry.”

With the jury still out as to how this may affect hiring trends or UK affiliations with EU-based industry federations, all eyes are likely to fall on Downing Street this autumn.

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