It’s time to name the dirtiest room in your house/office

A number of studies into household germs and dirt has found that the kitchen, and not the bathroom, is actually the dirtiest room in most houses and offices.

After testing a number of surfaces for the presence of pathogens like bacteria and mould, most found the presence of coliform bacteria – the family that includes the dreaded salmonella – on a range of kitchen surfaces and implements.

Shockingly, one study found coliform bacteria on:
• Three quarters of dish cloths and sponges

• Almost half of kitchen sinks

• A third of counter tops

• A quarter of chopping boards

Half the problem is that we don’t know how to care for cleaning materials. If these breed bacteria, then every time we clean up, we’re actually spreading germs. According to experts, it’s best to soak all cleaning materials in a simple bleach solution, which will kill all germs on contact, after every use.

It’s also a good idea to wash rags at a high temperature regularly and wherever possible, try not to leave things like sponges and brushes in such a way that they never get a chance to dry out, as this can encourage the growth of moulds.

Other tips include using separate cutting boards for raw meat; and be sure to wash your hands. #cleaning