The Truth About Restaurant Cleanliness

Did you know that the cleanliness of an eating establishment is just as important as the food? If a restaurant wants to get good customer reviews, then it needs to pay attention to hygiene…

According to an article in the Independent revealed that 85% of all restaurant patrons consider hygiene and cleanliness to be as important as the quality of the food.

Nearly 60% are put off their food if they encounter dirt, stains and bad odours, especially in dining areas, kitchens and washrooms. Some will leave without finishing their meal, and many will warn their friends and family to stay away.

Aside from aesthetics, food hygiene is naturally very important, something highlighted by health scares such as the recent NHS listeria outbreak. It is therefore very important for eateries to make sure that they maintain the standards expected by health inspectors.

Engaging the expertise of specialist cleaning services that know about things like cross-contamination is one way to nip any potential health and safety worries in the bud and ensure both front and back of house remain consistently spotless. The upside being that this can free up kitchen and waiting staff to concentrate on giving the customer the very best dining experience and service.