Five Things You can Do with Bicarb

It costs next to nothing and can be used to bake bread, but did you know that this humble kitchen staple is also a multi-purpose cleaning must-have?

Did you know, for instance, that over 100 tons of the stuff was used to clean the copper-lined interior of the Statue of Liberty back in 1986?

Below are just some of the cleaning uses for bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda, as it is known in America):

1. Remove baked on stains – not only is it excellent for cleaning baking or roasting tins, but it will also gently remove baked on grease and grime from your prized stainless steel/enamel pots without scratching
2. Eliminate furniture scuffs and stains made by crayons, ink or pencil from painted surfaces like walls.
3. Unclog drains – Not only does it break down grease build-up but it also gets rid of odours.
4. Exfoliate skin – It’s mildly abrasive properties make it an excellent face scrub.
5. Teeth whitening – You can also use it to brush your teeth. Already a n ingredient in many toothpastes, because it has a gentle whitening effect

Do you have a few tips of your own?