Take note: Loo of the Year Awards 2019

As we head into autumn, it’s time to gear up for a rather novel, but significant set of awards: Loo of the Year.

Although many of us wouldn’t openly admit it, it’s fair to say that many of us judge the standards of cleanliness (and reputation) of many companies and leisure/hospitality facilities by the state of their washrooms.

Which may be why it’s become something of a coup for hotels, schools, restaurants and cleaning companies to clinch a spot in the annual UK Loo of the Year Awards, which has just entered its 32nd year.

According to the organizers:

“The Awards have a simple objective, namely, to encourage the highest possible standards in all ‘away from home’ washrooms.

As well as public loos, the judges also have a category for The Washroom Cleaner of the Year, which recognises outstanding efforts made by those cleaning staff who look after restroom facilities.

The judges recently announced that they have completed their inspection of all UK/Ireland entrants for 2019. Results are expected to be announced on Friday 6 December at the 32nd annual Loo of the Year Awards ceremony, at Soco St Johns Hotel, Solihull.

Whose loo facilities have impressed you the most?