Common household cleaning hacks

Sometimes we run out of our favourite cleaning product and don’t have time to run to the shops. Here are a few common household items most of us have in our fridge or cupboards that will provide a quick fix – and more than nifty substitute – for the real thing:

1. Run out of silver cleaner? Simply use toothpaste instead – your crockery will shine up in no time.
2. No cream cleaner? No problem – reach for the vodka instead! Just rub down with a cloth and your porcelain will be shining like new! For soap build-up, try a bit of bicarb, which has exfoliating properties.
3. No Windowlene handy? Use vinegar and some newspaper – rubs off most gunk from glass and leaves no marks behind either.
4. No WD-40? Use tomato ketchup to remove rust on your outdoor furniture or shine your copper pans instead.
5. Used the last of the toilet gel? Substitute bleach or failing that, pour some cola into the bowl – it’ll get rid of any porcelain stains pronto!
6. Spilled something on the carpet? No problem! Provided you act quickly, try blotting it with washing-up liquid, rinse with cold water and blot again.
7. Thrown out the pot scourer by mistake? Try using some bicarb, or alternatively, scrunch up some used tin foil into a ball and use that instead.

Don’t fancy doing the cleaning yourself? Give us a call instead!