5 Ways to ‘Marie Kondo’ your Office/Desk

Marie Kondo has one rule of thumb: if something doesn’t spark joy, it should be turfed. Although this rule isn’t entirely appropriate to the workplace, her minimalist approach can certainly help us streamline our workspaces so they’re less cluttered and more efficient.

Here are five ways to ‘Marie Kondo’ your desk/office:

1️⃣. Get rid of excess papers – store essential documents like contracts in a filing cabinet but digitise the rest and then store them in a cloud so they don’t get lost or destroyed in the event of a fire/computer malfunction.
2️⃣. Like post-it notes? Why not switch to an app/digital version instead?
3️⃣. Cables not only look untidy but can also create health and safety hazards. Invest in a wireless charging pad/stand instead. No more wrong connectors/getting stressed because you left your cable at home.
4️⃣. Hotdesk? Buy some attractive organisers/storage containers to keep things like stationery. These can be easily stored in a locker/bag and moved around as needed.
5️⃣. Create an end of day/week desk tidy rule during which everyone neatens and straightens their desk. This will encourage tidier habits. Plus the office cleaners will thank you for making their job easier!

What’s your favourite desk tidy tip?