Linen: How to Clean and Store it

Linen is a versatile and durable fabric used in a wide array of settings, from clothing to tableware. It is often used in high-end restaurants and hotel chains to add a touch of elegance and texture; and is becoming increasingly popular because of its eco-friendly, sustainable credentials.

However, it does need a little bit of special care and handling. Below are a few tips for how to get the most out of it:

👉 Contrary to popular belief, linen is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried at low temperatures. Choose a low temp/cold water setting and a delicate fabric cycle. Use a gentle detergent. Always check the label for instructions.
👉 Unlike cotton, linen improves with each wash. However, it does tend to wrinkle easily. Lay it out on a flat surface whilst still damp to dry.
👉 Starching and ironing line whilst still mildly damp can both help a lot with wrinkling. White linen is better ironed on both sides, whilst darker colours should only be pressed on the reverse side.
👉 Avoid bleach or leaving in direct sunlight as both can cause fading.
👉 Never store linen when damp or in humid spaces as this can encourage mildew/mould, and lead to permanent staining. Luckily, it has in-built insect-repellent properties, so no need to worry about clothes moths!