5 Weird but Effective Cleaning Hacks

Let’s face it, cleaning can often be a bit of a bore. Here are some ways to liven things up, whilst also solving some of your cleaning issues.

1. No use for those summer flip-flops now that autumn is approaching? Did you know that they make wonderful pet hair picker-uppers? Drag them over your furniture or carpet and prepare to be amazed! Works even better if your spritz a little water on the bottom first.
2. Tired of bits and pieces like grips or coins getting stuck in your vacuum cleaner? Put an old pair of tights over the nozzle and presto – no more clogs!
3. Bought a pod-based coffee machine and not sure what to do with the old coffee filters? Use them to clean your windows and mirrors – they work like a charm and don’t leave any streaks.
4. Shoes a little dirty or smelly? Try toothpaste to smarten up soiled white shoes. And for whiffs, simple sprinkle a little baking soda on the insides for instant odour removal.
5. Run out of furniture polish? Try olive oil instead. No nasty chemical odours and your wood furnishings will thank you.

What’s your cleaning hack?