The Productivity-Boosting Power of a Clean Work Space

We all know how much better we feel when we come home to a clean and tidy house. Well, as it turns out, many workers consider their office/workplace to be like their second home, which makes it vital to maintain a clean, tidy and healthy work environment.

Here are a few reasons why cleanliness at the office can boost productivity.

• Clean workspaces boost wellbeing. Whether it’s clean air (cue office plants), clutter free meeting spaces or fresh smelling reception areas, it’s important to create work environments where staff feel happy and comfortable. The average employee spends 8+ hours a day at work, so it makes sense to ensure they like being there – it increases motivation levels and reduces absenteeism.

• Clutter-free zones minimize distractions & improve focus. Tidy desks, well-organized storage spaces and logical filing systems mean less distraction or time wasted looking for things. Tidiness = increased efficiency and zero distractions.

• Cleanliness, coupled with good design, can boost creativity – Research suggests that too much clutter can be counterproductive when it comes to problem solving and clear thinking.