End the Chore Wars: Get a Cleaner!

A recent survey revealed that despite the many strides forward society has made to redress gender equality; when it comes to the domestic chores, UK women still do the majority of the housework.

According to a study conducted by University College London, in 93% of British households, women still do 60% more cleaning than men do, even when both partners work fulltime. Figures for the US aren’t much better: a Yelp survey found that 80 percent of people who co-habit argued over housework.

Commenting on the UCL stats, lead professor, Anne McMunn, said: “These results matter because this is extra work which women are doing for free – as housework is unpaid.” In fact, when we turn this into economic terms, the figures translate to the equivalent of around £1.24tn in unpaid work – roughly 2/3 of UK GDP.

However, rather than work out WHY this is happening, perhaps a better approach might be to consider HOW to address the problem, because it clearly does impact relationships.

One expert suggests that if attempts to divvy up the chores more evenly don’t work, a simple solution may be to get a cleaner. Not only does this short-circuit the blame game, but it also gives both partners and their families more time to do fun things together.