Vintage Cleaning Hacks that’ve stood the Test of Time

When it comes to cleaning hacks, sometimes there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Some vintage tricks remain tried and tested ways to deal with stubborn dirt and odours.

Here are five tips your grandmother would be proud to share with you:

• Burnt the bottom of your favourite ceramic pan or casserole dish? No problem. Soak it in warm water and a dash of dish soap then bring it to a low simmer on the stove, stirring with a spatula – this should lift that crust in no time.
• Got something sticky like gum on your shoes or the remnants of a shop label? No problem – reach for the olive oil. Dab a little on a cloth or cotton wool pad, rub on the mess, and hey presto!
• Don’t like using bleach? Swap it for lemon juice with some salt – this nifty hack lifts stains out of most fabrics if used as a prewash treatment. Rub on, leave for half an hour and then rinse with a some vinegar in warm water before popping in the machine.
• Gold jewellery looking a little tarnished? Mixing dish soap with Seltzer water will gently remove dirt and build-up from your favourite necklace, helping to bring back the sparkle.
• Want to get rid of bad odours? Put some coffee beans in a small container and place a burning tea light on top of it – and voila!