Clean is a sight for sore eyes, but fresh is a smell!

When it comes to cleaning, it’s easy to get fixated on how tidy and clean things look – forgetting another important factor – that of smell. However, our perception of cleanliness is not just dependent on our eyes, but on our noses too. The bottom line then: in order for a space to truly feel clean, it needs to smell as good as it looks.

So what are the most common culprits for bad odours and what can we do about them? According to one study, the top five causes of bad smells include:

1. Poor ventilation
2. Drains/bins
3. Trapped odours in carpets
4. Damp/mould
5. Pets

A few tweaks to your cleaning routine can go a long way towards eliminating unpleasant odours from your home or business. Here’s how:

• Installing an extractor fan or getting some air-cleaning plants can help solve ventilation issues
• Regularly cleaning drains and bins, or storing them in a different place, can drastically reduce foul/rotten odours.
• Adding carpet freshener to your hoovering routine can help to deodorize a room.
• Damp can be slightly harder to deal with – you may need to invest in new window glazing or get a tumble dryer.
• Reduce smelly washing machines by leaving the door open after a wash and wiping down the seal with a bicarb and vinegar mixture.
• Use a special vacuum cleaner designed to pick up pet hair/dander
• Alternatively, try your dog a spritz of pet fragrance – there are a range of gentle, effective formulas available at most pet stores.