Eco-Cleaning Tips: Greening up Your Dirty Laundry.

Many of us may not be aware of it, but the weekly laundry is one area where, through a few simple changes, we can immediately make a difference to our eco footprint. Here’s how.

1️⃣Use white vinegar instead of softener – Many scented fabric softeners contain volatile chemical compounds that are not only bad for your health, but also for the environment. Replacing it with a mixture of white/spirit vinegar and a few drops of essential oil will not only keep your clothes soft, but will dramatically reduce your exposure to toxins and air pollution.

2️⃣Wash Less Often –Only put on a wash if you have enough to make up a full load and you’ll not only save money but also make a difference. The idea is to reduce your water and electricity usage, which in turn, will reduce your carbon footprint.

3️⃣Choose cold/cool water cycles – The less machines have to heat up water, the less energy they expend. It’s that simple.

4️⃣Spare the dryer. Air drying instead of tumbling again reduces energy expenditure, which has a positive collective knock-on effect. For rainy days or bedding, add drying balls – these dramatically reduce drying times and help eliminate harmful chemicals from fabric.

5️⃣Upgrade your domestic appliances – the latest models are far more efficient when it comes to energy and water usage, which means you’ll make your money back quickly in saved bills.