A room to impress! 3 Tips for your conference room

Your business proposition might be rock solid but what about the space you are going to deliver your pitch?

The conference room is often the focal point of the office and it’s a place where important decisions are made. Extra care and attention should be given to creating a welcoming, productive area.

1. Consider Fresh Flowers / Plants
Create the right atmosphere by adding colour with flowers, plants, artwork perhaps even your client’s favourite retro sweets! No one likes dull and boring!
2. Fresh Air
One of the first senses we use is smell, make sure the meeting room is aired, open windows, consider a subtle air freshener. No one wants to walk into a stuffy room!
3. Don’t overlook the little things! Keep it clean.

You would be surprised what people will notice during a meeting, if attention starts to wain during a presentation there is plenty of time for people to scrutinise the area. If people notice mildew on the windows, dusty computer screens, crumbs on the carpet, unsightly wires hanging down it’s not going to make a great impression no matter what you say in the pitch!

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