Do you have plants in the office?

Biophilia design is the next trend in office design, biophilia means ‘a love of life and living things’, studies have proven that introducing plant life has increased productivity, a sense of wellbeing, reduces stress and sick leave.

Introducing plants into the office is the simplest way to change a sterile office environment, our top tip is to choose plants that purify the air (increasing oxygen levels in the office improves concentration) and plants that are easy to look after for the less ‘green-fingered among us’.
Great office plants include:
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – commonly abbreviated to the ZZ plant. A favourite for people who are guilty of killing their plants, the ZZ can tolerate prolonged periods of low light and have bulbous roots to store lots of water!

Peace lily – They are popular because they don’t need a lot of light, they are also forgiving of occasional over-watering as well. They produce beautiful white flowers and are known for cleaning up the air, helping to remove toxins and create a nicer environment to work in.
Sansevieria – Known as “Mother-in-law’s tongue” or “Snake plant” plant can last up to a month without water, survive in low light but can be fully exposed to the sun for long periods.

Are you proud of your office plants?