Hotdesking in Manchester! You may bring home more than you baragained for!

Hotdesking, serviced offices or coworking spaces as they are also called seem to be really popular in Manchester, often modern, well-designed spaces in the heart of the city in prestigious buildings, a great way for business start up’s to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit which is alive and kicking in Manchester!
BUT, a recent study showed hot desks had 18% more germs and bacteria compared to working in a fixed office space and desk.
(sorry if you use them!)
The advantages to using coworking spaces I’m sure will out way your hygiene concerns but there are steps you can take to ensure your health as well as your business growth!

1. Hand Hygiene – we will keep reminding you that good hand hygiene is your best defence against germs.
2. Anti-Bacterial Wipes – are there anti-bacterial wipes supplied or available? Workspaces may look clean from clutter and paper but office equipment such as laptops, keyboards, computer mice and telephones carry a higher risk of cross-contamination and allow germs and bacteria to spread.
3. Ask the management for the cleaning schedule. A well-managed serviced office should be paying attention to cleaning when researching where to go don’t be afraid to ask about cleaning protocols.

What has been your experience of a serviced office?