How can you help your child avoid the Norovirus this winter?

Reports have hit the headlines last week on outbreaks of the Norovirus closing schools:
“Pupils are suffering from bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea because of the bug with some having to miss their exams and one school cancelling its Christmas pantomime”

Winter does tend to see a rise in these bug outbreaks, but it does highlight that good sanitation and hygiene in schools must be a top priority.
Every effort should be made to ensure that the environment is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Children should also be taught why cleaning is important, keeping the school environment clean and tidy and of course, washing hands!
What can you do as parents to help your children avoid the dreaded bug?
-Emphasise the importance of washing hands! Show children the correct way to do it and practise at home
-Ask the school to see what disease prevention measures they have in place
-Discourage your child from nail-biting, pen chewing or anything else that involves putting their hands or objects in their mouth.
-Keep a sick child at home, if it does happen give your children at least 48 hours at home to ensure they are not still contagious.

Fingers crossed these tips ensure you enjoy a healthy winter!

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