How to improve your carbon footprint at office?

With calamities such as wildfires, drought and floods on the news every day, more and more pressure is being placed on UK businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and clean up their act when it comes to their environmental impact.

Below are a few tips for how to become more CSR-compliant relatively easily and painlessly.

Have a Designated Recycling Area: Research shows that staff are more likely to recycle better if the task is clear and straightforward. Creating a designated spot, with clearly-marked bins that are regularly emptied, within easy reach will help to encourage employees to do their bit and not mix up paper with plastics.

Use Green Cleaning Products: A quick way to improve your green credentials (and be kind to animals) is to use green cleaning products in the office. Knowing which ones are both effective and affordable can be a bit of a minefield! Cleaning professionals make it their business to find this information out, so why take time out of your busy day to reinvent the wheel?

The easiest way to make sure you’re remain both clean and green is by hiring a professional corporate cleaning service that will seamlessly take care of your green needs. So why not start the new year off on the right footing by calling us today?