Is confidentially a key concern in your business?

Protecting client data has never been more important, from healthcare, law firms to banking; a breach of client data can seriously damage the reputation of a business.

When we think of a data breach in this digital world we often think of a cyber-attack, but how much personal information and client data is printed off? Perhaps handwritten notes left around the office?
3 tips to keep your office secure:
1) Clear desk policy – Every time the employee is away from the desk everything must be cleared and locked. This not only includes documents and notes, but any post-it notes, businesses cards, and removable media (e.g. USB memory sticks). All computers should be locked or logged off.
2) Confidential waste – Confidential waste is defined as any personal information that can be used to identify individuals, you should shred any confidential documents and dispose of correctly.
3) Know your cleaners – it’s important you know everyone who has access to the office. This might include running background checks, requesting DBS checks or asking cleaning staff to sign NDA’s.

All cleaning staff undergo systematic training, ensuring professional standards. If you have any confidentiality concerns regarding your cleaning requirements, send us a message and we can help you find a solution!