Is reducing plastic waste a business aim this year?

As a professional cleaning company, we care about presenting and looking after our client’s work environments and as a business, we have a responsibility to consider our impact on the natural environment.
One of our aims this year is to reduce our plastic waste, here are a few tips we thought might be useful for other businesses looking to do the same!

Consider a plastic bottle ban.
Provide fresh filtered water by installing a mains-fed filtered water cooler or by putting a water filter on the office kitchen tap. Filtered tap water tastes better and is healthier than water in plastic bottles. You can get rid of plastic bottles and cups altogether! Staff can use reuseable bottles, a win-win for all!

Tea and Coffee
How many cups of tea and coffee do your team get through each week? It’s likely to be a lot, consider using products that reduce plastic waste. For example, use a milkman to deliver fresh milk in returnable glass bottles. Use a teabag brand that avoids using plastic such as Pukka. Use refillable storage jars and buy coffee in large tins instead of individual packets. Sugar in a paper bag is better than individual sachets. With a little bit of thought, you can drastically reduce the amount thrown away.
Ban single-use plastics.

We can no longer justify using throw-away cutlery, plastic straws, plastic plates or other single-use items. It’s much better to opt for reusable, washable serveware that can be used again and again.

How is your business tackling plastic waste?