Landlords: Who are the ‘eyes and ears’ of your property business?

Savvy landlords are seeing the true value of having a professional cleaner as part of their power team.In recent years, particularly in city centres, we are seeing more HMO’s,traditionally reserved for the student market, we are now seeing professional workers, contractors, nurses and office workers renting a room in a house and sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities.

It’s a win-win,tenants get reduced costs by sharing facilities and landlords can charge more per room than renting the whole house.
But who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the shared areas? When unrelated people live in a house, they aren’t all going to have the same attitudes to cleanliness.

A professional cleaner visiting your property on a weekly basis is going to:
a. Attract higher quality tenants
b. Reduce arguments between tenants as high standards are maintained
c. Unless it’s a problem with the WiFi, maintenance issues can go unreported and often made worse over time, your cleaner can be your eyes and ears reporting any problems in a timely manner
d. Keep good tenants longer! Reducing voids in an HMO is vital to your profits!

Investing a little each month in the upkeep of your property with pay you back,over and over again!