Preparing for Big Events

It’s the time of year when big retail and corporate events like Black Friday, Xmas parties and the January sales can upset the balance of any business. To keep things everything looking ship shape, it’s a good idea to have a cleaning plan in place.

1. Stock Up – Keeping heavy traffic areas like customer loos in good working order means being prepared. Stock up on essentials such as loo rolls, soap, towels, napkins, cutlery and table linen in advance to avoid panic and last-minute shortages.
2. Prep Staff – Training your staff to note when supplies are running low, or need changing is also a good idea. If you use a contracted cleaning service, you may want to ask them to visit your premises or do their cleaning rounds more frequently.
3. Plan Ahead – You may need to take out the rubbish or clean floors more regularly, so have spare receptacles, batteries and equipment on standby to avoid hygiene problems like vermin and/or overflowing bins.

Professional cleaning companies can easily deal with the extra workload by hiring in more staff and coming in after hours. Rather than tire out customer-facing staff by keeping them late after events, you may want to consider talking to them in advance to see how they can help.

Are you ready for the special season?