Should you allow dogs in the office?

Let’s ‘PAWS for thought’ (sorry bad pun) and consider if dogs should be allowed in the office environment! It seems it’s becoming more and more popular to allow our canine friends into work.

Studies have shown that having dogs in the workplace can improve happiness among staff, increase productivity, reduce stress levels and even improving health as employee breaks consist of exercising the dog!

But we can’t get away from the fact that our 4-legged friends, no matter how well looked after, aren’t known for their hygiene!

On the flip side, one study quoted that the office is now cleaner as a result of pets as the office is deep cleaned on a regular basis.

Other downsides could be employees simply not liking dogs, suffers from allergies and a disruptive dog could prove a distraction.

Businesses need to plan carefully if they did want to introduce a pet policy, the environment needs to be pet-friendly, all employees would have to support the idea, the dog’s personalities would need to be assessed, after all, no one wants to hear a dog bark all day!

But with a regular cleaning policy in place, the research suggests having dogs in the office brings many positive benefits.

Would you like to bring your dog to work?

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