Where do hygiene and cleanliness come into the discussion on productivity?

Poor productivity is a drain for all businesses large and small, unplanned absence and sick days are estimated to decease productivity in the UK by 54%.

Minor illnesses such as colds, flu, stomach bugs and migraines are the most common complaints, especially in the winter months!
“46% of over a thousand UK workers surveyed by Appliances Direct in 2019 said they “believed their office cleanliness had been responsible for sickness”.

Even a small reduction in absences can make a huge difference to productivity so perhaps it’s time we paid more attention to preventing the spread of germs in the first place. If your business has got productivity problems, it might be a good idea to get the professionals in for a deep clean.

We often advise our clients on the measures they can put in place to create a safe and clean working environment.
Do you believe you have caught an illness due to poor hygiene at work?
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