Why is making a first impression so important?

‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’; according to some research, a first impression is reached within the first 7 seconds of meeting you.

That isn’t enough time to talk or dazzle them with your personality and you won’t get a chance for a second meeting to clear up any misconceptions.

The environment and your general appearance are judged instantly!
Make cleanliness a priority. Did you know smell is one of the first things people will pick up on? Our nose can remember up to 50,000 scents. Any sign of dirt or disorganization may turn customers away from your store or office, even if everything else about your offer is strong.

Don’t neglect the walk into the store or office either, keep windows sparkling clean, waste bins empty and clean the pavement.
Make the office as inviting as possible, look outside what can make you stand out? Perhaps some brightly coloured artwork or hanging baskets/fresh flowers. Everything that creates a good first impression will be a great investment.

In cluttered or dingy environments, people assume that if the business owner doesn’t care, why should they?

#TidyUp #Manchester