The most important for us is the professional completion of the service. Each order is unique to us and we treat each one individually. Our reliable staff thoroughly and conscientiously performs the assigned tasks. We use only high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment. We respect our customers and their time and money, so we always fulfil our services on time as previously discussed. We schedule appointments in individual, convenient for our customers’ time. We value all our customers’ comments and everything we do, we always do with the satisfaction.

Partnership step by step:

  1. We meet with every new customer in their property/office. In operation with you, we plan a schedule of cleaning that you are glad about
  2. Before starting a regular cleaning service, we advise our customers to consider a Deep Cleaning of the property to keep our high cleaning standards.
  3. We will arrange a meeting with you and your cleaning lady within 5 working days, to arrange a date and time for you to meet and discuss your requirements.
  4. At this meeting, we will discuss your requirements using our Cleaning Standards Checklist. This allows you to plan cleaning of any areas, of your property, which may need a particular attention.
  5. You will also agree with us for days and times which suit you best for the regular job.
  6. The TIDY UP Office will contact you, to ensure you are completely satisfied with your cleaner and service which we provide.

We are looking forward to co-operating with you!