By tidy up / 25 February 2020

Have you got a negative review for cleanliness?

Have you got a negative review for cleanliness?We live in a digital world online reviews now drive customer behaviour; it...

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By tidy up / 20 February 2020

Cleaning trends for 2020 to keep an eye on!

Yes, cleaning does trend, you might not immediately think that it is an exciting subject but 2019 saw the rise...

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By tidy up / 18 February 2020

5 Steps to becoming a Plastic Game Changer

All individuals are collectively responsible for the plastic waste epidemic currently choking the oceans. Businesses have a great opportunity to...

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By tidy up / 15 February 2020

Hotdesking in Manchester! You may bring home more than you baragained for!

Hotdesking, serviced offices or coworking spaces as they are also called seem to be really popular in Manchester, often modern,...

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By tidy up / 12 February 2020

Is reducing plastic waste a business aim this year?

As a professional cleaning company, we care about presenting and looking after our client’s work environments and as a business,...

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By tidy up / 10 February 2020

A room to impress! 3 Tips for your conference room

Your business proposition might be rock solid but what about the space you are going to deliver your pitch? The...

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By tidy up / 5 February 2020

Where do hygiene and cleanliness come into the discussion on productivity?

Poor productivity is a drain for all businesses large and small, unplanned absence and sick days are estimated to decease...

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By tidy up / 3 February 2020

Do you have plants in the office?

Biophilia design is the next trend in office design, biophilia means ‘a love of life and living things’, studies have...

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By tidy up / 31 January 2020

Why is making a first impression so important?

‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’; according to some research, a first impression is reached within...

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By tidy up / 29 January 2020

Landlords: Who are the ‘eyes and ears’ of your property business?

Savvy landlords are seeing the true value of having a professional cleaner as part of their power team.In recent years,...

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