By tidy up / 29 January 2020

Is confidentially a key concern in your business?

Protecting client data has never been more important, from healthcare, law firms to banking; a breach of client data can...

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By tidy up / 27 January 2020

We might be Marie Kando super fans!

We might be Marie Kando super fans! If decluttering is your thing you will love the Netflix documentary series “Tidying...

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By tidy up / 22 January 2020

Should you allow dogs in the office?

Let’s ‘PAWS for thought’ (sorry bad pun) and consider if dogs should be allowed in the office environment! It seems...

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By tidy up / 16 January 2020

How can you help your child avoid the Norovirus this winter?

Reports have hit the headlines last week on outbreaks of the Norovirus closing schools:“Pupils are suffering from bouts of vomiting...

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By tidy up / 14 January 2020

Do you get your staff to clean their desks on a Friday?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our time in the cleaning business, it is that staff cleans are actually...

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By tidy up / 9 January 2020

How to improve your carbon footprint at office?

With calamities such as wildfires, drought and floods on the news every day, more and more pressure is being placed...

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By tidy up / 6 January 2020

Dust Busting: Tips for Tackling Our Least Favourite Chore

It’s true: many of us are time-poor and exhausted after work and family duties, which means that we often skimp...

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By tidy up / 23 December 2019

How to Get Rid of Coffee Stains

Many of us can’t get going in the morning without our coffee fix. But, occasionally, this can exact a heavy...

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By tidy up / 22 December 2019

The Truth about Germs & Re-Useable Water Bottles

There’s no doubt that reusable water bottles make a big different to the environment and can save you money. However,...

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By tidy up / 21 December 2019

Staying ahead of the Curve: Sustainable Cleaning Summit

With increasing pressure falling on everyone to do their bit for the environment, it’s great to see the cleaning industry...

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